Why OCAD U Thanks You

For Inspiring Patricia.

Last year, over 80 students were
supported by donor-funded bursaries.

"Your donation enables the gift of enthusiasm and opens up possibilities where perhaps before there was less. Know that your gift holds with it the honour of perpetuating creativity, innovation and imagination.

Where would any of the world's most beloved artists be without the support and means provided by those who sincerely believe in art's worth to human culture?"

- Patricia Molina, Sculpture & Installation, Year 2

Patricia Molina
Jessica Ching

For Helping Solve Real Problems.

"I believe designers can play a significant role
in shaping the delivery of good healthcare."
– Jessica Ching, Industrial Design, 2009

OCAD U helps our graduates harness the intrinsic power of art and design, creativity and scholarship to address the world's significant challenges. Just look at Jessica Ching '09, co-inventor of Her Swab (it was actually her OCAD U thesis project with fellow graduate, Nancy Seto!).

To solve the problem of infertility and cancer caused by under-screening, Ching's design solution, HerSwab, is a device that allows women to self-collect samples without a doctor. This simple idea has the power to revolutionize the healthcare of women all over the world.

For Keeping OurHands Dirty.

Gifts to where OCAD U Needs
it Most
supported studio upkeep,
including materials and supplies.

We still offer Canada's largest studio-based learning environment. Our students still cast metal in the foundry and weave textiles using a loom but, thanks to you, they can also bring their ideas to fruition through the use of a digital fabric printer or the Rapid Prototyping Lab.

This blend of traditional and modern art will unleash a wave of talent whose imaginings will revolutionize how Canada works, builds, designs, thinks and lives.

Student Andrew Hoang

For Encouraging Andrew.

Last year, more than 200 donor-funded
scholarships and awards provided
necessary resources and encouragement.

"While standing at the crossroads of being a young artist and adult, what I need the most in my life is emotional support and encouragement from people who believe in my talent and future. In my eyes, your donation represents just that. It symbolizes optimism and good faith in the belief that my art can contribute to something good in the world."

– Andrew Hoang, Drawing & Painting, Year 2

Anda Kubis Pie Chart

For Supporting OCAD U.

"OCAD U students often exceed expectations,
causing all of us to see the world in new ways,
their ambition makes teaching an
enlightening experience."
– Anda Kubis, Associate Professor
Chair, Drawing and Painting

OCAD U Student Line Graph

For Giving Support To…

"OCAD U is home to some extraordinary
talent and we look forward to
continue helping to cultivate it."
– Richard Trevisan, Director, smart Canada

Every gift counts. In 2011 – 2012 OCAD U Donors combined to give over 1.5 million. Thank you