OCAD University

2012-13 Giving Report

OCAD U Thanks You – in the words of our Medal Winners.

OCAD U Thanks You for Creating a Unique Education

  • A BFA is a great degree to have because it′s a degree in finding creative solutions, and that′s applicable everywhere.
  • Shannon Lea Doyle
  • 2013 Sculpture/Installation Medal Winner

Last year, gifts to Where OCAD U Needs it Most* totaled more than $100,000.

*Supporting studio upkeep, materials, specialized equipment.

OCAD U Thanks You for Supporting Emerging Artists & Designers

  • I feel that OCAD U has recognized my academic and creative potential, and I was really lucky to benefit from scholarships and bursaries. The support alleviated much of my financial stress so that I was able to focus on my coursework and learning new skills.
  • Tara Paashuis
  • 2013 Environmental Design Medal Winner

In 2012-13, 121 students in financial need received more than $245,000 in donor-funded bursaries.

OCAD U Thanks You for Developing Excellence

  • A career as an arts professional has its own set of unique challenges. The faculty are fantastic mentors – they are inspiring, creative and teach from experience. They are the school’s greatest asset.
  • Tara Bursey
  • 2013 Criticism & Curatorial Practice Medal Winner

Almost 100 donors combined to provide more than $500,000 in program support.*

*Supporting the library, student services, life drawing models, student gallery.

OCAD U Thanks You for Increasing Confidence

  • Your gift has assured me that my hard work was worthwhile and that my decision to follow my passion was a right one. This award has given me the confidence I need to continue working towards my goals.
  • Sayeda Akbary
  • 2013 Graphic Design Medal Winner

More than $84,000 in donor-funded scholarships were awarded last year to 89 outstanding students.

OCAD U Thanks You for Paying it Forward

  • Thank you again for your generosity and support. I promise you that I′ll work very hard and eventually give something back to others, both as a teacher and possibly a scholarship to future students like myself.
  • Ivan Alifan
  • 2013 Drawing & Painting Medal Winner

*Percentage given from each constituency of the total amount raised.

OCAD U Thanks You for Believing in Imagination

  • I will strive to continue to make exceptional art. It is incredible to receive such recognition. A thousand thanks aren’t quite enough.
  • Alex Thompson
  • 2013 Printmaking Medal Winner

*Percentage allocated to each area of the total amount raised.

In 2012-13 OCAD U donors together gave almost $1.8 million.

Thank you for all that you have done for OCAD U.

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